The Wedding…

So, I was invited to a wedding!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s wedding season here in M!torv!ca! That means that you can see (and hear) cars caravan down the street on a daily basis honking their horns and traditional drums playing as the couple makes their way from one place to the next.

Unlike in the US where you are invited to a ceremony and then a reception afterward, only family is invited to the actual ceremony which I think is just at the local municipality, and then extended family and friends are invited to the wedding part, which is more like a reception with a big party, dinner and lots and lots of dancing and music.

Weddings are also quite formal here. It’s not unusual for women to get their hair and nails done and wear a fancy dress. Appearance is very important. 🙂

Nad!ne and I went to the wedding together, which was Friday night. It was a fun time, and I was truly honored to be invited to a wedding after being here for such a short time.

The wedding was of Nad!ne’s teaching assistant, V. She and I have had coffee a few times in addition to seeing each other between English classes when I first got here. I would say that she has become one of my first friends here in M!trov!ca.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a picture of the beautiful bride and one of their friends who asked me to take their picture.




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