Some ways to reach me…

Hi Team,

I wanted to write and give you all some good options for communicating with me. I realized I neglected to do that when I first arrived. 🙂 As any of you who have spent time away from loved ones knows well, hearing from friends and family is a highlight of any day!

So, here are some ways to contact me:

Email: kortni10 [at]

Skype: My skype name is kortni.christian
(This is a great way to talk or send text messages.)

Apps…there are a few great apps for you smart phone users. One is called Voxer. It is like the old Nextel walkie- talkie. It is free when you are in wifi, but if not I think it uses your data, so be careful.
My voxer name is: kchris2417

Another app I’m using is Google Voice. You can text me for free or leave a voice mail on that number. It is 616 422 5109.

One last app is WhatsApp, and I believe you can look me up under my old number 616 308 4943. It’s a free texting app and you can even send photos.

I hope this helps any of you who wish to reach out. Probably the most important thing to remember is that I am 6 hours AHEAD.

Have a great week !!


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