Home Visit…

Hi Team!
One of the most enjoyable parts of being in K0s0v0 this year is getting to visit the homes of friends who come to our Sunday gatherings and other people we’ve met along the way.

Last Friday, my teammate Val (who arrived just a couple weeks ago) and I, were invited out to our friend S’s and his wife’s house in a nearby village. It was a great time to learn more about his story, spend time with his family, and to eat some traditional Flia, a national dish of K0s0v0. The word is pronounced like the little bug that lives on dogs and cats in this part of K0s0v0, but waaay tastier than the insect. You can really freak an English-speaker out by telling them you’re going to go eat some flia here. 🙂 In other parts of K0s0v0 they add an ‘a’ to the end.

Flia is a bread that they make in layers here that is cooked from the top down with coals from an open fire. It takes hours to make as they have to wait for one layer to cook before they make pour the next layer, and wait for that to cook and so on.  Here is a blog post someone posted about the process of making the Flia that’s pretty detailed if you would like to know more.

One thing that I have noticed about the people of K0s0v0 is their hospitality, and their high standards of how they treat guests. There is no such thing as a quick visit. You will always be invited in for tea or coffee (or both). They are just so honored to have guests in their home, and you are just made to feel so welcome while you are in their homes.

Here are some pictures from our visit:








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