A little more than two months left…


“A” and I at a recent fellowship lunch.

The countdown has begun. I have a little more than two months left in K0s0v0, and probably a lot of you are wondering what my next step will be!

Well, before I tell you what’s next, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to the last month.

  • TEACHING: At the KLA, I have started teaching art class twice a week for our morning classes. Our morning classes have an average of 5 students, so the class is small. It’s been a good taste of what teaching a class is all about, and I’m finding that I actually do enjoy the kids, and I’ve had fun coming up with some basic art projects that we can get done in the two half-hour classes I have them for each week.
  • COFFEE: I continue to meet girls for coffee, and let me tell you, K0s0v0’s macchiatos and lattes never get old. Neither does the conversation with the sweet girls I have come to know as friends over the last nine months. I will truly miss the conversations and laughter about culture, school, everything and anything going on with the girls.
  • SWEET TIMES WITH A FELLOW BELIEVER: This semester a dear friend “A” has moved back to M!trovica after living in the capital city last semester going to school. We have had some sweet times of prayer and conversation the last few weeks. We have also been attending prayer meetings together and had some great conversations over dinner and coffee at my apartment. I am excited to see answers to what we have prayed for together. She tells me often that she considers me a friend, and I am honored to count her as one as well. J

I have to say that these last couple months have been some of the best I’ve had in K0s0v0. God has been showing me so much, and has answered so many prayers.

As I enter my last two months here, I would just ask you to pray for what God has for me next. After much prayer and seeking God, I don’t believe that God is calling me into full-time overseas missions at this time. While I am open to God showing me a different path in the future, I just wanted to let you know that this is where I believe God is leading at this point.

Please pray for me as I finish these last months here. I have some projects to wrap up that will definitely keep me busy at the school. Please pray that I will finish strong in my remaining time here.

Please also pray for my transition back to the states. When I return, I will be looking for full-time work, a place to live, and a car to buy.

I appreciate you all, and miss everyone. I will keep you updated as to my exact return dates and other details when I know them.


Teaching Art Class


Out for coffee with some girls


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